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We have been producing mineral and supplementary feeds for farm animals in Verměřovice, Czech Republic for 50 years. Over the past twenty years, we have been offering our products to other categories of animals, such as horses, pets, zoo animals and deer. Each of these categories has its own history, its own story.

In the case of deer feed, it started in 2002, when we started on the initiative of enthusiastic hunters to breed game animals with the production of mineral feed for hoofed ruminant wild animals. These feeds have been used in experimental hunting ground for several years and then the first positive results came.

This was the first significant impulse for the continuation of production, to which we followed our own support for the development of deer feed. Over the years we have published several professional publications and organized many seminars. We can say that today we have a lot of professional information, both theoretical and especially practical from our partners, that we can advise the deer breeders in a qualified way. And it is useful for breeders with antlered and/or horned wild animals. Also, in free range as well as on game estate or farms.

Ing. Ondřej Faltus, production and quality manager of VVS Verměřovice s.r.o.

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